Girls Varsity Volleyball · Interview with Volleyball Captain Angelica

What was the best moment from this season in your opinion?

Winning more games and being prepared to play certain teams
What do you think was the biggest improvement with the team this season?
Movement, playing together as 1, and keeping our energy up.
What was your goal individually for the season?
-Did you complete it?
How much has the relationship grown within in the team throughout the season?
We’ve gotten closer to one another and bonded together as a team.
Do you think your record represents how hard the team worked?
Mostly yes but there is always room for improvement.
How do you think this team is compared to the teams that you’ve gone against?
The bond that exists between the team.
How do you think next year will be?
I think next year will be even better and playing together as a team will do us good. We’ve now known our weaknesses and strengths as a team, and as our new season should start we hope to gain more players and play together!