Boys Varsity Football · Interview with KH about Purdue Visit

How was the experience at Purdue?
It’s been very cool they were some inconveniences but it was well nonetheless
What did the team do there?
We saw the sports faculty and learn abt the history of Purdue sports
What was the biggest takeaway from going there?
the culture and the way they put in effort in games
What else did you learn from there?
they support the community around their school
Did the people at Purdue talk about the football program?
Yes they gave a brief description of the football program
– If so, do you like the football program they offer?
I like it because they have come a long way from being an inferior D1 school into a well respectable D1 school
If you could replay that day what would you do differently?
Try to ask more questions about the coaching and the benefits of somebody of my background
How did the team generally feel about this visit?
they were very excited about it